Bengaluru, Feb 2018

The Program presents a unique opportunity for a Certified Training and Prototype Development Workshop for learning the most important technologies of today and the future- IOT and Artificial Intelligence   

You will learn to build a prototype for a Mobile Payments/Digital Wallet application using the following technologies:

  •  NFC for Android for IOT,
  •  Google Firebase for Cloud Storage
  •  *Amazon Alexa Skills Set Programming for Conversational UX


(* Our workshop is first of its kind to build a prototype of a real time application configured for ALEXA Echo by implementing ALEXA Skills)

How does this program help you?

IOT and Artificial Intelligence are the two areas where jobs skills are much in demand but not available . If you are looking for a job in IOT, and trying to reskill your resume this workshop will provide you an opportunity to develop a live prototype for mobile payments which you can use to showcase your skills to your prospect employer.

We help you evaluate where you stand now and how you can leverage IOT to discover an exciting career

What you get from the workshop

  • CERTIFICATE OF PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT IN IOT and AI using NFC, Google FireBase and Amazon Alexa.
    Pre-built programs of the Prototype which includes (and not limited to) .
    NFC Android Read/ Write Libraries.
    Google FireBase Database(Cloud Storage) –Read /Write Libraries for Android.
    AI Algorithm Web Service for IOT data analysis
    ALEXA Skills Sets libraries.
    Finally tested and completed Prototype with all source code/libraries etc.
    Program Material including NFC tags, Technical Reference Guides, Documentation references etc.

Building the Mobile Payments/Digital Wallet Prototype

You will learn how to build a Mobile Payment / Digital Wallet application (similar to Apple Pay/ Samsung Pay) that allows users make ’contactless’ payments using mobile phones using Near Field Communication. Users can also view the wallet balance and receive additional points or rewards for making such payments. Finally for taking the User Experience to the next level, the application integrates with conversational UX( Amazon Alexa) , to handle any questions user has on his Wallet payments/transactions.

Phases of the Workshop

Phase 1: Learn how to program NFC Android APS to implement IOT to
read and write card and payment related information to the Mobile.

  • IOT and NFC

  • IOT Intro for Programmers

  • 1. What is Internet of Things (IoT)?
    Embedded System
    Embedded Boards
    2. What Devices Make it to IoT
    Are Mobile Phones IoT devices?
    What are Smart Objects?
    IoT Devices
    3. IoT Platforms
    Wearable Platform
    Embedded Platforms
    Cloud Platform for IoT
    4. What IoT means for the developers

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) in IOT
    1. What is NFC in IOT
    2. Modes of Communication
    3. How does NFC work?
    4. How to use NFC in Android?
    5. Comparisons with Bluetooth

    NFC in Digital Transactions

    1. NFC Wallet Digitization
    2. Current NFC Wallets: Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/ Microsoft Waller
    3. How to perform NFC Read and Write

    NFC Tag Dispatch System
    Mapping Tags to MIME types and URIs
    Configuring Android for Requesting NFC Access
    Supported Tag Technologies
    Reading and writing to tags

    PROGRAMMING TASKS for Part 1 of Prototype
    1. Implement User Interface for Mobile Payment App
    2. Use NFC Android Data Collector Libraries provided
    3. Capture Card Data and Payments / Transactions Data
    4. Display Card Details like Wallet Balance

Phase 2:  Learn how to implement Google FireBase Cloud Database
for managing data captured through NFC  

               IOT Data Management Using Cloud Computing

                  IOT and Cloud Databases
                  1. IOT Data Storage
                  2. Detect-Store-Notify Pattern

                  IOT Development Platforms- Google Firebase
                   1. What is Google Firebase?
                   2.Advantages of Google Firebase in IOT

                  Firebase for storing IOT Data
                  Set up Firebase Realtime Database for Android
                  Connect your app to Firebase using FireBase SDK
                  Scale your data across multiple database instances.
                  Manage your database in the Firebase console
                  Add the Realtime Database to your app
                  Building your Database Structure on FireBase
                  Read and Write Data on Android
                  Save data and Retrieve data from your Realtime Database

                  PROGRAMMING TASKS for Part 2 of Prototype
                  1. Setup Google Firebase
                  2. Create FireBase Databases
                  3. Use Android Firebase Data Storage Libraries provided
                  4. Upload captured Payment/Transaction related data to Firebase
                  5. Retrieve Transactions Data from FireBase

Phase 3: Understand AI algorithm  to analyse queries asked by user and respond
 by integrating with Amazon Alexa, a Conversational UX

IOT Integration with Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics between AI and IoT
1. Why IOT needs AI to succeed
2. IoT Data Analytics Using Deep Learning
3. Integrating IOT Data with AI
4. AI algorithms to analyze IOT data
5. Implementing AI using Python language

Conversational UX for Enhancing User Interactions in IOT apps
1. Using Google Alexa as Smart interface for IOT applications
2. Integrating Google Alexa with Firebase and AI
3. Understanding and Implementing Alexa Skills

        Build Skills with the Alexa Skills Kit
        Different Types of Skills and how Users Interact with Skills
        Steps to Build a Custom Skill
        Deploy and Host Custom Skill as a Web Service
        Build the Interaction Model (Intents, Slots, and Dialogs)
        Use Built-in Intents and Slot Types
        Handle Requests Sent by Alexa
        Send the User a Progressive Response
        Personalize the Customer Experience
        Test Your Skill
        Publish Your Skill
        Speech Synthesis Markup Language

4. Implementing Conversational UX for our Use Case
a. Implement AI Webservice to query FireBase for IOT Data and use

ALEXA Skills for processing text result and converting them as VOICE answers

PROGRAMMING TASKS for Part 3 of Prototype
1. Use the AI WebService API to integrate Alexa and Firebase
2. Creating MultiDimensional queries to Firebase for processing IOT Data and passing to ALEXA
3. Creating and Calling ALEXA TASKS for processing text results and converting them as VOICE answers and vice versa

Early Bird Registration (valid until 28-Jan-2018) : Rs 40,000
Normal Registration : Rs 50,000

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